Wood Floor Refinishing OKC

Wood Floor Refinishing OKC, If you have hardwood floors in your house or apartment, and they’re looking raddled, worn, stained, uneven, or just very old and discolored, well then, then you need Wood Floor Refinishing in Oklahoma City. Why? Instead of spending a lot of money on installing a new Hardwood Floor, you can have it refinished. A wood floor refinishing job can transform your apartment’s floor as completely as a fresh coat of paint and as attractive as a new floor, that too for one third of the price of a new one.

Oklahoma Flooring and Construction Innovations is dedicated to serve the needs of our clients before our own for Tile Flooring & Installation. Having so many years of expertise in wood flooring services, and with the complete satisfaction of our clients, we have been able to establish a reputation in Wood Flooring Refinishing, Installation & Tile Flooring Industry – centered especially in OKC.

Why Wooden Floor?

  • Installing a wooden floor will give a glow to your apartment and will increase its value instantly.
  • Hardwood floors improve the air quality of the apartment.
  • If you have real hardwood floors in your house or apartment, you may not have to refinish them more than once every 15-20 years. So, they cost less than other types of flooring in the long run.
  • If maintained properly, hardwood floors can last a lifetime.
  • Hardwood floors are easy to maintain than some other types of floors.
  • There is a wide range of wood species/varieties, colors and qualities to choose from to match your style.
  • Wood is renewable and also recyclable.
  • And, you always have an option to refinish your floor if you would like to renew it.
wood floor refinishing oklahoma

What is Refinishing?

Did you ever pull up an old carpet and notice that you have a wooden floor underneath, which now looks worn, stained or discolored? Well, it can be renewed. This process of re-doing the wooden floor so that it looks like a new one with a fresh coat of paint is called refinishing.

Refinishing includes sanding your existing hardwood floors in several different steps and preparing it for a finished coat of stain. This is the traditional method for refinishing the existing hardwood floors and nothing other than this method satisfies the client, according to our expertise.

Why do Refinishing?

Is it better to refinish existing hardwood floor or should I get a new hardwood? This is the question that usually comes to mind when your floor is worn or looks old. Well, here is the answer. This depends on certain conditions, such as, how old your hardwood is? How much do you like your current hardwood? How does your budget look like etc.

If you renew the floor, you obviously will have to pay for additional hardwood as well as ripping up and hauling away existing hardwood. Well, you don’t have to do that. In general. It is almost always less expensive to have your floor refinished. If portions of you floor are damaged (for example, stains or minor water stains) you can replace these portions with new wood and it will all look new after having refinished. Even if you do so, it will still be less expensive than having the whole floor renewed.

Why Us?

Oklahoma Flooring and Construction Innovations is the best choice for your next home project for wood floor refinishing. Having provided our services for years and a lot of experience, we have had ourselves emerged as a prominent name in the Flooring and & Tiling industry not only in Oklahoma but in the surrounding areas as well. Be it a small job or a large one, we take pride in honest, reliable quality work and great customer service for wood floor installation, tiling, luxury vinyl plank, water proof flooring and decorative concrete & refinishing in Oklahoma City.

We have chosen prompt, professional and friendly workers from all over Oklahoma who do an excellent job and are highly recommended by our previous clients. Be it residential, commercial or sports flooring, we set a standard of craftsmanship, creativity and Excellency in every project we do. Reliability, Durability, appealing visual appearance and customer satisfaction are the prominent features of our work which highlight us among all other service providers in the Flooring Industry of Oklahoma.