Top 3 Design Elements You Should Think About When Installing New Wood Floors

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Top 3 Design Elements You Should Think About When Installing New Wood Floors

The floor is a part of a home that does give a great effect when changed even in the slightest ways. If you are looking to have a change on your flooring or want to renovate and install new wood floors in your home, here are some design elements that you need to consider before getting it done.

Trends surely change and every year wanting to have something new inside a home is always great way to have a fresh view inside a home. Creating a fresher look for your home can be done by installing new wood floors. The stunning new look can be better by simply knowing the top design elements for new hardwood floors.

But installing new floors, especially wood floor installation in Oklahoma City is not something you can hop onto immediately. You need to be sure you get the right design that will fit your home and will not overpower the whole look of the room. There are also some design elements that you need to consider, and here are top 3 design elements you should think about when installing new wood floors.

  • Color and Staining

Uniform and natural color of the wood planks you will use is fine as it is, but mixing the colors can be ideal for a little edge on your hardwood flooring. Wood floor planks have different tones and types you can choose from which you can mix and match. There are some sturdy and fashionable wood planks that have hues darker or lighter hues and you can make a shaded effect on your flooring. Some even display red or purple hues that are unusual but nonetheless stunning for hardwood floors.

  • Not Just Straight Lines

Straight boards are great, rustic and traditional, but you don’t have to stick on it alone. There are now different shapes of wood flooring planks that you can look for, with some shapes that can even be mistaken for tiles. You need not stay in one design of wood floors in one room as well. You can place straight or curvy borders on your wood flooring, displaying different types of wood on the different sides of the borders.

  • Be Open for Transitioning and Distressing of Wood

Transitioning colors are lovely, like a shaded effect that can captivate anyone’s eyes in an instant. You can look for hardwood floor planks that can create a transitioning effect and it will instantly change the vibe of your room without even changing the position of your furniture. This is also a great idea if you want a hardwood floor that can match a modern theme inside your home. If you want to still be stylish but not so modern, you can do a little distressing of your wood, creating an antique and rustic look inside the room.

Installing hardwood floors in your home is nothing new, but can bring a wonderful new vibe inside a home. Should you need help, getting an expert to size up your home and realize your dream design along with these design elements can be your best option. They will definitely be of great help in achieving that lovely new hardwood floor here Oklahoma City.

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