How to Prevent My Hardwood Floors from Fading Over Time

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How to Prevent My Hardwood Floors from Fading Over Time

Perhaps the most common issue that people see in hardwood floors is fading. This takes away the natural beauty of the wood and makes it less charming. But there are ways in preventing hardwood floors from fading over time, and here are a few.

Despite our care for our wood floors fading is a dilemma we’d need to handle. It would be nice to have polished wood floors throughout the years you stay in your home, nevertheless this certain flaw that will come out eventually. Fading is natural for polished wood floors but it’s no excuse to leave it be. There are ways to prevent hardwood floors from fading over time and these are easier than you might think.

Before we go over the ways to prevent fading in hardwood floors, we need to understand the main contributors of fading. UV rays from natural sunlight or artificial lights plays a big role in fading shine of wood floors. The UV rays somehow affects the chemical makeup of wood which results to fading. Another common reason for fading is the usual activities inside the home. We walk every day on the floor, so you can expect the polish to wear off, too.

In order to prevent, or minimize, fading of wood floors, here are a few things you can do on a regular basis.

  • Keep the Shade Where It Should Be

There are places inside your home that will definitely be more exposed from the sunlight and your hardwood floor will surely fade. Installing shade or curtains on your windows will help avoid overexposure of wood floor from UV rays. Furniture, plants and other items can also provide shade on the spots that you know will get more UV exposure.

  • Move Items As Many Times As Possible

It may not sound like a great plan, but it helps maintain consistent shine and color on your hardwood floor. Moving your furniture, rugs or item items inside your home can help you maintain the luster of wood floor. You will notice that some areas will have faded because the rug, furniture or certain item have not been moved from ages.

  • Protect Parts That are Always Walked On

The usual wear, tear and scratches are great factors in fading shine and color of wood floors. These areas can be protected by rugs, but moving rugs is still a must, as stated above. Doing the next tip can also be a great way of dealing with areas of your hard floor commonly walked on.

  • Find the Best Wood Floor Polishes with UV Protector

Polishing your wood floor with the right polisher or refinishing your floor can help prevent or minimize fading. There are polishes and finishing solutions that offer UV protection which help slow down the fading of the hardwood floor over time. You can also use stains for your wood floor in order to achieve and maintain the “wood” look.

  • Hire a Professional

If you feel like you still need help for your floor or the faded areas are beyond your capable hands, Oklahoma Flooring & Construction Innovations Inc. is your best option. These are the experts in terms of making your floor shiny with the right color or stain once more. These experts also have the right tools, polishers and solutions in preventing your hardwood floors from fading and making your floor magnificent once more.

Fading is a natural enemy of hardwood floor but it does not mean you can’t do anything about it. Knowing a little more on how to take care of your floor is your responsibility. At the end of the day, it is your effort in preventing your wood floor to fade that determines how long you can keep it stunning and shiny.


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