How to Remove Scuff Marks from Hardwood Floors: 5 Effective Ways You Need to Try

Having hardwood flooring has its own struggles- like scuff marks. If you are having the same dilemma as many hardwood flooring owners have, here are simple yet effective ways you can try to remove those dreaded scuff marks from your hardwood floors.


The classic hardwood flooring deserves great care but we must admit that there will be times when we had to battle with scuffs. Be it from your own shoes, your family’s boots and shoes, or your guests’ soles, scuffs leave a mark that can ruin the whole look of your floor. So how do we effectively remove scuff marks from hardwood floors home?

There are a lot of people who would give you an idea or two on how you can make your hardwood flooring spotless, and we’ve gathered a few of the best and most effective ways. These are tried and tested ways to remove scuff marks off your wood flooring and reduce further damage to your floor.

  • Almighty Rubber Eraser

Do you still remember the common rubber eraser you used when you were a kid or the one your kids are using? Yes, the same eraser can help get rid of scuff marks from your wood flooring. There are hard-rubber erasers you can find in the market, but for those emergencies the usual eraser will do the job. Just make sure you use a rubbery eraser and not the gritty or plastic ones or you’ll have an even dirtier wood flooring.


  • Tennis Ball on a Roll

A tennis ball at the end of a mop stick may seem odd, but this is one trick that hardwood flooring owners knows well. A tennis ball can be used to remove those stubborn scuff marks from wood floorings and is as effective as erasers. Simply cut an “X” on the tennis ball and stick it on top of a mop stick so you don’t have to go down on your knees. We also suggest you get the light-colored one to avoid any discoloration on your wood flooring.


  • The Baking Soda Paste

Baking soda is one of the best household items you can have at home. Aside from its usual use, baking soda and water can help you remove scuff marks from hardwood flooring home. Make a paste with baking soda and water and use a sponge or an old toothbrush to scrub the paste to the scuff marks. If you have no baking soda, the common non-gel toothpaste will also do!


  • Use Your Own Sole

If you have a white rubber shoes (clean one is best) and you got to run but irritated with the scuff marks on your hardwood flooring, give it a little rub. The white rubber soles will act just like the tennis ball and rubber eraser, clearing scuff marks from your hardwood flooring especially for light wood finishes.


  • Grab a Professional

Here’s another tip that can help you maintain your hardwood flooring in Oklahoma City- hire a pro. The above methods can give you a temporary fix, but there will be scuff marks that may still remain or your hardwood flooring may go dull with all the DIY cleaning.

If you feel like the scuff marks just won’t go away, a pro can help remove the marks and even rebuff your hardwood flooring. Caring for your hardwood flooring will definitely be easier with these simple ways to remove scuff marks from your hardwood flooring, and hiring a professional can also be a great choice to maintain your wood flooring home.

5 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Pet Smells from Your Wood Flooring

Families with dogs have to consider many things, including how to get rid of pet

smells from wood flooring’s in their home. If you are planning to get a dog of your own and want to maintain your hardwood flooring, here are great ways to keep it from smelling like dog pee.


Removing pet smells from hardwood floorings is one issue that many dog owners, or any pet owners for that matter, find hard to deal with. Pets may pee on the floor from time to time and there will always be a lingering and unwanted smell from such accidents. Wiping the accident clean is one way of removing the pee, but the smell will remain and definitely be irritating to the nose.

There are commercial cleaners that can be bought in the market to remove the smell of dog or pet urine, but some may cause damage to your hardwood flooring. If you want to maintain your floor, here are five easy and effective alternatives ways to get rid of dog pee smell from your wood flooring without the damages.

  • Good Old Baking Soda

Ah, baking soda! Pets or no pets, having a baking soda at home is a must. If you see a dog accident on your hardwood flooring, wipe it immediately with paper towel. You can mix baking soda and warm water until you create a paste and scrub it over the place where your little fur baby peed. Let the paste dry and vacuum the powder. Still smell something bad? Sprinkle the area with baking powder and let it stand for a few hours or overnight and sweep or vacuum it in the morning.


  • The Hydrogen Peroxide Method

There are several ways to use hydrogen peroxide in removing pet smell on a wood floor. One way is to place paper towels on the area, soak with hydrogen peroxide and cover the paper towels with plastic wrap, sealing the sides with tape. Let the towels dry and remove from the floor. Another way is to directly pour hydrogen peroxide on the area where the dog peed, let it bubble and blot with paper towels. You may also directly soak a rag with hydrogen peroxide and clean the area.


  • Water and Vinegar Mix

A cup of white vinegar can work miracles on your home when removing pet smell. Pour a cup of white vinegar into a bucket of water and mop the area with the solution. Bear with the vinegar smell, once it goes away the pee smell on your wood floor also goes away. You can also add dishwashing soap, essential oil or baking powder to the mix.


  • Enzymatic Floor cleaners

If you have a dog, or any pet, investing on this item can help in maintaining your hardwood flooring. Enzymatic floor cleaners are as easy to use as the first methods mentioned and can be bought from your local pet store. Simply add at least two ounces of enzymatic liquid into a bucket of warm water. Mop the area with the solution and let the cleaning liquid do its magic.


  • Get Help From a Professional Cleaner

When all else failed and there is still a bad odor coming from your wood flooring, getting help from professional cleaners might be your best solution. Though the first items can help remove the pee smell, professional cleaners have the right items and methods that can remove odor and even give your wood floors a little shine.

Pet accident or other pet smell on a wood floor should not stop you from having a pet at home. Knowing these easy ways to remove pet pee smell from your hardwood flooring will keep you at ease and great smelling home all the time.

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Why You Shouldn’t Install Hardwood Floors Yourself

Building or revamping your home and thinking of installing hardwood floors? That’s great! Thinking of installing it on your own? That may not be the best option you have, and here are some reasons why you shouldn’t install hardwood floors yourself.

Building a perfect home for our families is a great challenge for many, especially since the costs or materials and professional help have increased significantly throughout the years. There are many who prefer building or revamping their homes on their own, but this is not applicable for some parts of the home. Wood floor installation here in Oklahoma City is still best done by a professional, and here are a few benefits of having hardwood floors installed by professionals.

  • Preparing Your Home and Your Materials

Wood floors are quite tricky to install, especially for the untrained. Wood often shrink or expand in different whether and will leave a gap on your floor or ruin it entirely when not properly installed. Professionals at OFCI Inc., located in the heart of Oklahoma City knows how to prepare your home and your materials from start to finish. The most common preparation that professional installers do is make room for the wood floor, air out or the acclimation of the wood planks and make sure each plank is fit no matter how the climate changes even with curves and corners.

  • It is Cheaper Than You Think

When the word “professional” is heard, dollar signs get people wanting to run away from their projects. The price of professionals handling your hardwood floor may look scary for your pocket, but will prove the best decision you made in the long run. Professionals have all the tools that make each plank fit even in complicated curves and designs, which you don’t have to buy. Professional wood installation in Oklahoma City also ensures less problems during and after installation which can cost more if you insisted on doing things on your own.

  •  They Do Clean Up for You!

Dust, spare wood planks and more things that were used during your floor installation can be a pain to clean up. This is not a problem when you have wood floor installers do the job for you. They are responsible with all the steps involved, including the clean up after the installation. That’s one worry off your shoulders.

  • These are the Experts

Having a professional install hardwood floors is an option that you cannot scratch from your list. Wood floor refinishing and installation in Oklahoma City can only be done best, if not perfectly by professionals who understand, have trained and have years of experience in this type of work. These professionals also have the latest designs that they can present, not just the good old designs. DIY is great and all, but there is nothing wrong in having someone who knows what to do step in and do the job. Their aim is to deliver the floor of your dreams, so relax.

If you feel you have other questions why you should not install hardwood floors on your own, you can always ask a professional to help you decide. These professionals will also be willing to give you a quotation on your wood floor OKC installation. With these reasons why you shouldn’t install hardwood floors yourself, there should be nothing to hold you back from having a chat with a professional wood floor installation Oklahoma City now and get that stunning new floor that you have always wanted!


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Why You Should Choose Wood Plastic Composite Flooring Over Traditional Hardwood

The world today is a place where many people look for alternatives which provide the same or even better results for their activities or projects. Even the traditional hardwood floor now has an alternative called wood plastic composite. But what makes wood plastic composite flooring a better choice for you?

In building or renovating our homes, we aim to have only the best materials within our desired budget. But not all plans can be followed and we will have to find alternatives which are similar with the original materials we have in mind. Even the traditional hardwood floors now have an alternative- the Wood Plastic Composite flooring (WPC). Many homeowners and even builders find WPC a lovely alternative for wood flooring, but is it the better choice for you?

What is WPC?

Before we tackle on the benefits of choosing WPC over hardwood floor, we need to know some facts about WPC. Wood plastic composite floorings are made mainly of (you guessed it) wood fiber and plastics or thermoplastics. The materials are combined and formed to look like wood, with top veneer or coating that looks exactly like wood. For the past few years, WPC have become a popular choice for many who want to achieve the same look of hardwood floors.

Why Choose WPC Over Hardwood for Flooring?

The use of WPC flooring did not become popular without a reason, and here a few of those reasons.

  • Wood Plastic Composite Floorings are Durable.

One favorite reason why more people are inclined to choose WPC over hardwood floors is its durability. Because it is part plastic, WPC can last longer compared to traditional wood planks. Most people and builders will choose WPC floorings even for outside decking’s because of its durability.

  • It is Waterproof.

Another plus factor to WPC is being waterproof. Water and natural wood floor is a disaster in the making that will cost more than just money. Having a waterproof flooring is a great advantage for homeowners especially for those who want to maintain the beauty of their floors despite getting spilled with water or other liquids.

  • WPC Needs Less Maintenance Compared to Traditional Wood Floors.

People who has traditional hardwood floors will agree that maintenance can be an issue WPC floorings on the other hand, does not require regular staining, polishing or replacing due to insects or rotting from being soaked with water or any other liquids.

  • UV Rays are Not Much of an Issue for WPC.

The natural enemy of traditional hardwood floors is UV rays, but WPC is much resistant to it. The color or stain and shine of WPC flooring lasts longer compared to wood floorings even when exposed to sunlight and other elements.

  • Lower Slip and Splinter Accidents.

Natural floor planks are often slippery and some wood planks can have splinters. This can be quite dangerous especially when you have elderly or little ones around. WPC floorings are mostly made of non-slip materials and surface. There are also little to no splinter accidents with well-made WPC floorings.

A bonus benefit of having WPC flooring is your home will be at a higher value as compared to having the traditional hardwood flooring. If you are still hesitant with wood plastic composite floorings, consulting experts in flooring is a welcome idea. Most importantly, consider what you feel will fit perfectly for the type of wood flooring expectation you have.

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Top 3 Design Elements You Should Think About When Installing New Wood Floors

The floor is a part of a home that does give a great effect when changed even in the slightest ways. If you are looking to have a change on your flooring or want to renovate and install new wood floors in your home, here are some design elements that you need to consider before getting it done.

Trends surely change and every year wanting to have something new inside a home is always great way to have a fresh view inside a home. Creating a fresher look for your home can be done by installing new wood floors. The stunning new look can be better by simply knowing the top design elements for new hardwood floors.

But installing new floors, especially wood floor installation in Oklahoma City is not something you can hop onto immediately. You need to be sure you get the right design that will fit your home and will not overpower the whole look of the room. There are also some design elements that you need to consider, and here are top 3 design elements you should think about when installing new wood floors.

  • Color and Staining

Uniform and natural color of the wood planks you will use is fine as it is, but mixing the colors can be ideal for a little edge on your hardwood flooring. Wood floor planks have different tones and types you can choose from which you can mix and match. There are some sturdy and fashionable wood planks that have hues darker or lighter hues and you can make a shaded effect on your flooring. Some even display red or purple hues that are unusual but nonetheless stunning for hardwood floors.

  • Not Just Straight Lines

Straight boards are great, rustic and traditional, but you don’t have to stick on it alone. There are now different shapes of wood flooring planks that you can look for, with some shapes that can even be mistaken for tiles. You need not stay in one design of wood floors in one room as well. You can place straight or curvy borders on your wood flooring, displaying different types of wood on the different sides of the borders.

  • Be Open for Transitioning and Distressing of Wood

Transitioning colors are lovely, like a shaded effect that can captivate anyone’s eyes in an instant. You can look for hardwood floor planks that can create a transitioning effect and it will instantly change the vibe of your room without even changing the position of your furniture. This is also a great idea if you want a hardwood floor that can match a modern theme inside your home. If you want to still be stylish but not so modern, you can do a little distressing of your wood, creating an antique and rustic look inside the room.

Installing hardwood floors in your home is nothing new, but can bring a wonderful new vibe inside a home. Should you need help, getting an expert to size up your home and realize your dream design along with these design elements can be your best option. They will definitely be of great help in achieving that lovely new hardwood floor here Oklahoma City.

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How to Prevent My Hardwood Floors from Fading Over Time

Perhaps the most common issue that people see in hardwood floors is fading. This takes away the natural beauty of the wood and makes it less charming. But there are ways in preventing hardwood floors from fading over time, and here are a few.

Despite our care for our wood floors fading is a dilemma we’d need to handle. It would be nice to have polished wood floors throughout the years you stay in your home, nevertheless this certain flaw that will come out eventually. Fading is natural for polished wood floors but it’s no excuse to leave it be. There are ways to prevent hardwood floors from fading over time and these are easier than you might think.

Before we go over the ways to prevent fading in hardwood floors, we need to understand the main contributors of fading. UV rays from natural sunlight or artificial lights plays a big role in fading shine of wood floors. The UV rays somehow affects the chemical makeup of wood which results to fading. Another common reason for fading is the usual activities inside the home. We walk every day on the floor, so you can expect the polish to wear off, too.

In order to prevent, or minimize, fading of wood floors, here are a few things you can do on a regular basis.

  • Keep the Shade Where It Should Be

There are places inside your home that will definitely be more exposed from the sunlight and your hardwood floor will surely fade. Installing shade or curtains on your windows will help avoid overexposure of wood floor from UV rays. Furniture, plants and other items can also provide shade on the spots that you know will get more UV exposure.

  • Move Items As Many Times As Possible

It may not sound like a great plan, but it helps maintain consistent shine and color on your hardwood floor. Moving your furniture, rugs or item items inside your home can help you maintain the luster of wood floor. You will notice that some areas will have faded because the rug, furniture or certain item have not been moved from ages.

  • Protect Parts That are Always Walked On

The usual wear, tear and scratches are great factors in fading shine and color of wood floors. These areas can be protected by rugs, but moving rugs is still a must, as stated above. Doing the next tip can also be a great way of dealing with areas of your hard floor commonly walked on.

  • Find the Best Wood Floor Polishes with UV Protector

Polishing your wood floor with the right polisher or refinishing your floor can help prevent or minimize fading. There are polishes and finishing solutions that offer UV protection which help slow down the fading of the hardwood floor over time. You can also use stains for your wood floor in order to achieve and maintain the “wood” look.

  • Hire a Professional

If you feel like you still need help for your floor or the faded areas are beyond your capable hands, Oklahoma Flooring & Construction Innovations Inc. is your best option. These are the experts in terms of making your floor shiny with the right color or stain once more. These experts also have the right tools, polishers and solutions in preventing your hardwood floors from fading and making your floor magnificent once more.

Fading is a natural enemy of hardwood floor but it does not mean you can’t do anything about it. Knowing a little more on how to take care of your floor is your responsibility. At the end of the day, it is your effort in preventing your wood floor to fade that determines how long you can keep it stunning and shiny.


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5 Top Wood Floor Cleaning Tips for that Fab Floor

Through the years, people find different types and materials for floors, but wood floor is still an all-time favorite. There is nothing more stunning than clean, gleaming wood floor that makes every furniture inside the room stand out. And like most floors, wood floors are in need of great care and cleaning in order to maintain its beauty.

Admit it, most people, if not all wants a shiny clean floor especially when it comes to wood floors! Wood floors are simply elegant and brings out a classic beauty of a home. However, many would find hardwood floor last on their list because they fear cleaning this type of floor would take ages and a lot of effort.

In reality, hardwood floors are just as easy to clean and maintain as any other types of floors. And if you already have wood floors, then you don’t have to change- it just simply maintains it! Not convinced? Then here are five top wood floor cleaning tips that will make you want or keep your wood floors.

Tip #1:  Have a Schedule on Cleaning and Polishing Your Wood Floor

Stick to a schedule in cleaning and polishing your wood floor no matter how busy or lazy you are. Sweeping or dusting every day to remove the obvious dust and dirt. Vacuuming your hardwood floor weekly is a must to give it a deeper cleaning especially on the nooks and crannies of curvy lines and designs. Polishing it, on the other hand, can be done at least once a month.

Tip #2: Recognize Which Common Household Items can Ruin Your Floor

There are items that can stain and ruin your wood floor and you need to be aware of these items. Vinegar is one of the most common item at home that will surely leave a nasty mark on your floor. Even the wood floor polish you use can leave ugly residue on your floor that can accumulate hard to remove stains and dirt. You need to be extra careful in moving items and furniture inside your home when cleaning your floor, as it can damage or scratch your wood floor.

Tip #3: Damp or Wet Mop? Damp for The Win!

Mopping is not advisable for wood floors but sometimes it can’t be helped. If you there is a chance to just wipe off any spills or stains on the wood floor, do so. If you must mop wood floors, make sure you wring out most of the water and keep the mop just damp or almost dry to the touch. Water is an effective wood floor cleaner but can also seep through, damaging the wood from the inside.

Tip #4: Careful How You Vacuum

Vacuuming your hardwood floor is essential in keeping it clean, but you need to be careful in doing it, too. Vacuums can reach those areas on the floor that sweeping can’t and get rid of dust and dirt effectively. Unfortunately, vacuums can scratch and damage the surface of your wood floor so make sure you don’t overdo it and you don’t hit the floor with the beater bar of your vacuum.

Tip #5: Polish and Shine Like A Pro

Nothing beats a shiny wooden floor, and you need to maintain it. Scratches can appear on your hardwood floor through time even with the most expensive finish, but it can be minimized and can be restored. There are waxes and restorers you can purchase and use, but be extra careful in using them. Having the right polishing materials at home will keep your floor looking stunning, whether you have the classic, curvy or other more complicated designs.

Hardwood floors are truly magnificent, especially when kept clean and shiny. Using these simple but effective tips can help you maintain wood floors and have it for years to come. Getting professional help is also one of the best treat you can give your wood floor. So gather those cleaning tools and get that wood floor clean and shiny again!