5 Top Wood Floor Cleaning Tips for that Fab Floor

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5 Top Wood Floor Cleaning Tips for that Fab Floor

Through the years, people find different types and materials for floors, but wood floor is still an all-time favorite. There is nothing more stunning than clean, gleaming wood floor that makes every furniture inside the room stand out. And like most floors, wood floors are in need of great care and cleaning in order to maintain its beauty.

Admit it, most people, if not all wants a shiny clean floor especially when it comes to wood floors! Wood floors are simply elegant and brings out a classic beauty of a home. However, many would find hardwood floor last on their list because they fear cleaning this type of floor would take ages and a lot of effort.

In reality, hardwood floors are just as easy to clean and maintain as any other types of floors. And if you already have wood floors, then you don’t have to change- it just simply maintains it! Not convinced? Then here are five top wood floor cleaning tips that will make you want or keep your wood floors.

Tip #1:  Have a Schedule on Cleaning and Polishing Your Wood Floor

Stick to a schedule in cleaning and polishing your wood floor no matter how busy or lazy you are. Sweeping or dusting every day to remove the obvious dust and dirt. Vacuuming your hardwood floor weekly is a must to give it a deeper cleaning especially on the nooks and crannies of curvy lines and designs. Polishing it, on the other hand, can be done at least once a month.

Tip #2: Recognize Which Common Household Items can Ruin Your Floor

There are items that can stain and ruin your wood floor and you need to be aware of these items. Vinegar is one of the most common item at home that will surely leave a nasty mark on your floor. Even the wood floor polish you use can leave ugly residue on your floor that can accumulate hard to remove stains and dirt. You need to be extra careful in moving items and furniture inside your home when cleaning your floor, as it can damage or scratch your wood floor.

Tip #3: Damp or Wet Mop? Damp for The Win!

Mopping is not advisable for wood floors but sometimes it can’t be helped. If you there is a chance to just wipe off any spills or stains on the wood floor, do so. If you must mop wood floors, make sure you wring out most of the water and keep the mop just damp or almost dry to the touch. Water is an effective wood floor cleaner but can also seep through, damaging the wood from the inside.

Tip #4: Careful How You Vacuum

Vacuuming your hardwood floor is essential in keeping it clean, but you need to be careful in doing it, too. Vacuums can reach those areas on the floor that sweeping can’t and get rid of dust and dirt effectively. Unfortunately, vacuums can scratch and damage the surface of your wood floor so make sure you don’t overdo it and you don’t hit the floor with the beater bar of your vacuum.

Tip #5: Polish and Shine Like A Pro

Nothing beats a shiny wooden floor, and you need to maintain it. Scratches can appear on your hardwood floor through time even with the most expensive finish, but it can be minimized and can be restored. There are waxes and restorers you can purchase and use, but be extra careful in using them. Having the right polishing materials at home will keep your floor looking stunning, whether you have the classic, curvy or other more complicated designs.

Hardwood floors are truly magnificent, especially when kept clean and shiny. Using these simple but effective tips can help you maintain wood floors and have it for years to come. Getting professional help is also one of the best treat you can give your wood floor. So gather those cleaning tools and get that wood floor clean and shiny again!

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